PIQUE is a collaborative design studio dedicated to delivering inventive and meaningful art and architecture projects steeped in the specificity of the program, site and ambitions of the client. Just as the word ?pique? means to stimulate or capture one's attention, our carefully considered designs excite awareness in the user …of the objects and environments they engage with. Fundamental to our approach to design is a process that is built on thorough analysis of site, systems, actions and intent, which involves rigorous data gathering and mapping of findings to clearly illustrate our understanding of the task at hand and provide a substantive foundation to build on. Working within project parameters, we design systems and solutions that discover, highlight and enunciate phenomena in the project program and place.matthew fox house bend oregon, emergin architects, young, seattle, oregon, europe, international, top 50, designers, communication, seattle architects, washington architects, montana architects, innovation, function, montana state university, lecture.



PIQUE LLC is a collaborative of design professionals. PIQUE LLC is not a registered Architectural firm. PIQUE LLC is a Design Firm offering full, comprehensive design services and construction administration to our clients.